Topic tiếng anh về gia đình _ Write about your family

My name is …..  I come from ……  I was born in a big family with my grandmother, my parents and my two brothers.
My gandmother is a kind and beautiful old women.  She always tells me old stories and teaches me how to cook.  It  is good for my life in the future.

My parents have a small restaurant. Everyday, they must work very hard to earn money.
My older brother is an engineer of  informatic technology.  Now,  he is working in Mobi company.  I like him so much because  he gives me some money every month.
My younger brother is a student.  Now,  he is studying at  Ha Noi University of Aricutule. He wants to study further with a scholarship in a famous country after graduation. My brothers are very intelligent.  I am always proud of my family.
I like the atmosphere in my family. We have dinner together every day. We often talk about our work, the weather, educating children during the meal. After dinner, we watch the news and films. Sometimes, we comment on the content of the films or football matches.
 Moreover, we go on holiday once a year. We enjoy many activities together on the beach or in the mountains. I happy, beaucause I have a  wonderfull family.

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