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1. Introduction is a personal blog hosting my students’ memories, created for the purpose of storing and sharing free of charge with you what I know, what I learn, learn in the live this. Join me to discover what you and I do not know, to share emotions, to be connected to the same passion!

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This is a personal blog created by myself, for the purpose of sharing what you learn to the reader. Hence its article can:

Self-written with knowledge I have: sentences or words are not very good use, hope you readers sympathetic home.

Compile documents from different pages on the internet: with the desire to provide all useful and complete information to readers.

Copy article from another site: this one I see or should share with everyone. I have written the author of the article and the source page of those articles.

Notice: (Most of the posts are what mik is taught in the classroom, the essays are essentially syllabus for the Biomedical Engineering subjects)

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